Our HouseBoat Tariff

Listed below are base tariffs approximated for various class of Kerala houseboats that will cater every breed of travelers during slack season. Mentioned Houseboat rates are not valid on week ends / Peak Days/Public Holidays & tourist seasons. Houseboat rates solely based on date of journey and availability. Sometimes Backwater enthusiasts feel that our price for Kerala Houseboats are on upper side on comparison with compatriots, It is owing to the standards of services on highly maintained Houseboats with competent crew. "Quality comes at a price & is remembered long the price is forgotten". With us get the best in category Houseboat with genuine price for experience. NB: The tariff and tax structure are subject to periodical revision, hence please reconfirm it before making reservation.


Rs7000 1 Bedroom

Rs11000 2 Bedroom

Rs14000 3 Bedroom

Rs18000 4 Bedroom

Rs22000 5 Bedroom

Rs28000 7 Bedroom



Rs10000 1 Bedroom

Rs16000 2 Bedroom

Rs20000 3 Bedroom

Rs24000 4 Bedroom

Rs30000 5 Bedroom

Rs35000 7 Bedroom



Rs16500 1 Bedroom

Rs24000 2 Bedroom

Rs32000 3 Bedroom

Rs40000 4 Bedroom