Alleppey to Kumarakom Backwater Routes

Location: The Indian State of Kerala is situated on Malabar Coast in the South-West region of the country.

How to Reach

By Air: Cochin International Airport, Kozhikode International Airport and Thiruvananthapuram International Airport

By Rail: Ernakulam Durnoto, Kerala Express, Netravati Express, Trivandrum Rajadhani etc.

Best time to Visit: October to March

Languages Spoken: English, Malayalam, Hindi

Famous Cuisines: Idli, Aviyal, Karimeen Fry, Puttu, Olan, Sambar, Sadya, Parippu, Thoran, Fish curry, Upperi, Pachadi, Pappadam, Kichadi, Tapioca, Payasam, Appam, Dosa, Idiyappam

Alleppey to Kumarakom Round is a combination of cruises which combines the best of backwater cruises around Alleppey and Kumarakom . You can take pleasure in the warmth of Alleppey & cozyness of Kumrakom in this clubbed voyage. Cruises around the villages, farm fields, Resorts and Bird sanctuary and other places of interest are included on best of backwater routes. You can explore Kuttanad, the upper Kuttand as well as lower Kuttanad in the single backwater houseboat cruise. The moment we cast off from Alleppey finishing point jetty our houseboat will cruise through Punnamada lake for around 20 minutes then we slowly get to Sndp canal the smallest canal in this trip, enroute you can glimpse the close-up moving images of backwater village life & people. Then we may stop for lunch & during the break you can get down of boat and walk through the villages or can venture out to temples. The we may turn left towards Kuppapuram jetty and our Houseboat will drive past many ferries on the water ways, After crossing the canal will sail pass the Mangalassery jetty and enters the mighty Vembanad lake. And our houseboats deviates from ferry channel and heads to C’Block [not the German Hip-Hop band], R’block, Chitira Lake, Then comes the land mark Chithirapally the lone structure on vast stretch of paddy field at 1600 hrs we will again assemble for tea/coffee with hot sweet banana fritters or Pakodas to merry your gastronomical exigency in case of day cruise.

Then will drift towards Pallikayal chira the farming village on outer reaches of Kumarakom will berth there. Berthing helps you to get great views of the sunset; you can also get a chance to go out and walk along the riverside or villages and come back. In the evening Enjoy your Dinner and leave all world behind you and have a good sleep in your floating paradise. In morning you will be waked up the crisping voices of birds & fishermen’s oars falling on backwaters. Get up and enjoy the sunrise and breath pollution free air. Further cruise starts for an hour and head to Kumarakom through the amazing routes mainly pass through luxury resorts like Whisphering palms, The Backwater ripples, The Zuri, The lake song on Athikkalam area of Kumarakom. On reaching the outskirts of Kumarakom bird sanctuary we will turn right to mouth of Kavanar leaving Coconut Lagoon resort on the left and on reaching Kavanattinkara jetty you will leave the houseboat with an everlasting beautiful memory.

Kerala- God's Own Country

The Indian State of Kerala has over the years received various accolades. The honor of being included in to 6 destinations of the millennium by Khaleej Times, the tag of one of the 50 must-see destinations of a lifetime by National Geographic Travel and also the title "State of Enlightenment" by National Geographic are some of the noteworthy accomplishments.

With 100% literacy rate, best medical facilities all across the world and highest life expectancy rate in the country; Kerala has earned the reputation as India's best most developed destination. Everything one sees about Kerala on television, newspaper, magazines or internet is absolutely spot-on: the state is maintained with utmost care and is country's most beautiful and cleanest state. The enchanting land of Kerala is truly defined as "God's own Country". The locations in and around the state are actually tropical paradise.

If one needs to understand how Kerala took over Taj Mahal to become the top tourist destination of India in Google's search trends, then all one needs to do is pack his/her bag and visit this amazing location. Kerala tours have never disappointed anyone, and they certainly will not change this trend for you as well.

Things to Do on Kerala Tour

Every tour to Kerala is a surprise package in itself. There is so much to do in and around Kerala to entice tourists from every possible corner of the world:

Beaches and Backwater in Kerala:The stunning backwaters are ideal for spending vacations in a relaxed environment. The pristine beaches make a perfect holiday.

destination for all. The beauty of these beaches and backwaters, surrounded by mist covered hills and swaying coconut palms, are simply mind-blowing.

Cuisines of Kerala: For foodies, Kerala is the place to be. The seafood here is very delicious and the food is cooked using traditional cooking techniques. The favorite food delight of tourists is Sadya, which is food served on banana leafs for authentic taste of Kerala.

Ayurveda: Kerala is also known for her special Ayurvedic retreats which are rated best in the world. The tourists come here for a relaxing time will love spending their weekends on any Kerala Ayurvedic Houses, as they provide the best escape possible from the dull city life. Read more.

Eco-tourism in Kerala: Kerala also focuses a lot on ecotourism activities and ensures that the ecosystem of the state is not disturbed. Tourists are taught how to ensure that the natural surroundings of Kerala remain intact and how best they can do small things in preserving the ecosystem.

Tree Houses in Kerala: The idea of living on a house which is built on the top of trees sounds adventurous and delightful at the same time. At Kerala tree houses, this is possible. Surrounded by lush greenery, stay in these houses which are made up of local eco-friendly materials, is an amazing feature of Kerala tour. Read more.

Kerala Houseboat: For traversing the stunning backwaters in Kerala, the traditional houseboats or Kettuvalam are ideal place to stay. With this kind of isolation and romance, the newlywed couples love to spend their honeymoons tours in Kerala. Read more.

Art in Kerala: Kerala is known all over the world for her various dance forms which include Kathakali, Thullal, Mohiniyattam, Krishnanattam and Koodiyattom. Also, the carnatic music and the classical musical form of Sopana Sangeetham are famous folk music of Kerala.

Sports in Kerala: The traditional sports of Snake Boat Race, Padayani, Poorakkali, Thalappandukali, Parichamuttukali, Onathallu, Kilithattukal, Velakali etc are now performed specially for tourists during major Kerala festivals. Kalaripayattu, which is called as "the mother of all martial arts in the world" is practiced by the locals who participate in tournaments as well.

Meeting local People of Kerala: The key aspect of Kerala that separates her from every other location in the world is the friendly crowd over there. One often hears about “Kerala hospitality”, but experiencing it for real is a different matter altogether. The people over here love to talk to strangers and it is very easy to strike a polite conversation with locals.

Kerala Fairs and Festivals: People of Kerala believe in celebrating festivals and fairs round the year with much joy and merriment. Major festivals of Kerala include Onam, Pongal and Navratra when large crowd comes out to celebrate together. Some major fairs in Kerala include Nishagandhi Dance and Music Fair and Kerala Village Fair.

Kerala Waterfalls: There are several small and large waterfalls in Kerala. Tourists love to spend a sightseeing excursion or a relaxing picnic time with their loved ones amidst these gorgeous cascades. Listening to the sounds of the water, flowing down at an enormous speed, from a vey huge height, is a captivating experience.

Hill Stations: The majestic hill stations of Kerala are gorgeous and for those who wish to be surrounded by tranquility, serenity and peaceful environment, these hill stations are like a trip to heaven. Witness the nature’s beauty at its best on these hill stations, located thousands of meters above sea level. Read more.

Wildlife Tours: Kerala is an idyllic retreat forwildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers because of the 2 National Parks and 12 Wildlife Sanctuaries that are situated amidst the verdant expanse of forests of Western Ghats in Kerala. Tourist can spot varied rare and endangered species of plants, reptiles, birds, insects and animals. Read more.

Boat races in Kerala: One of the most adrenaline pumping features of Kerala is the boat races in backwaters. These races are symbolic of unity, diversity, team spirit and integration of local Kerala people. The vibrant and energetic population gives a new life to the calm backwaters during these snake boat races.

Pilgrimage tours to Kerala: India is popularly called as Land of Temples and Kerala pilgrimage sites play a major role in promoting this aspect of the country. Since, the state houses people belonging to Hindu, Muslim and Christianity religion, there are several temples, mosques and churches in the state. Some of the most sacred religious shrines are in Kerala including Rameshwara temple, Malik Deenar Mosque and Jewish Synagogue.

Kerala Spice plantations: The story of Kerala started from spice plantations. And even today, Kerala is the leading trader of spices. It is obvious that these gorgeous lush green locations form a key feature for tourists to visit. These spices form a staple ingredient in Kerala dishes as well. Some of the commonly used Kerala spices include Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Curry Leaves etc.

Hotels in Kerala: The reason why tourists visit the state of Kerala with higher fluency than any other destination is because of the numerous accommodation facilities in the state. From budget hotels to top quality 5-star hotels, Kerala fulfills any and every kind of accommodation requirement.